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Ink Grade invites you to join us in a new immersive tasting experience. Learn about our Howell Mountain wines paired with small bites at our refined tasting salon. Please direct inquires to 

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The single-vineyard wines of Ink Grade Estate debut nearly 150 years after our land was acquired by Napa Valley legend Theron Ink. We invite you to experience the rich pedigree that Ink Grade has to share through our Allocation Membership, which will allow you to acquire our complex and elegant wines.

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    Ink Grade invites you to explore the beauty of our single-vineyard wines with an unforgettable combination of luxury and hospitality at The Pavilion.
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    Become immersed in the history, tradition, and elegance of Ink Grade with our exclusive tasting experiences at The Pavilion. Located in St. Helena, our single-vineyard wines are presented in a luxurious environment while imparting the true essence of our Howell Mountain Estate. Our Wine Curators will guide you through the unique terroir of our rugged vineyard, our vinification methods, and the imperceptible confluence of intensity and grace in our wines.

    We invite you to enjoy The Estate Collection or our signature SENSES by Ink Grade. Combining fine wine, luxury and hospitality, The Estate Collection presents our wines of precision and nuance in one of our four taste-tailored atmospheres. SENSES by Ink Grade is an immersive sensory experience that fuses fine wine, nature, and state-of-the art technology to unveil the new collection of single-vineyard wines from one of Napa’s most prestigious AVAs.

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    The Estate Collection
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    Inspired by the world’s most regarded artistic exhibitions, SENSES by Ink Grade emerges from the traditional world of fine wine with a luxurious avant-garde offering.
    Pairing fine wine, art, and nature with vineyard sounds and 360º video projection, SENSES by Ink Grade is the first wine tasting experience of its kind.
    The Pavilion presents our single-vineyard wines from one of Napa’s most prestigious AVAs, Howell Mountain.
    Our tasting experiences share the unique story of Ink Grade and the inherent qualities of our vineyard site, which possesses essentially every aspect and expression any one vineyard can have, to create truly rare and exceptional wine.
    Guests will learn about the unique terroir and vinification methods that allow the wines of Ink Grade to express the focused intensity and depth of the volcanic land from whence they prosper.