"Our estate on Howell Mountain is no ordinary vineyard. Planted to nurture rather than disrupt the ecosystem that has thrived there for centuries, the Ink Grade is at once lush and rugged, idyllic and unforgiving. This dynamic balance is expressed in every bottle. The single-vineyard wines of Ink Grade Estate debut nearly 150 years after our land was acquired by Napa Valley legend Theron Ink."
Master Sommelier & Managing Partner | Ink Grade is important for upholding the heritage of the region. These wines showcase the direct relationship between the volcanic soil of Howell Mountain and purity of fruit. An artifact of a place, Ink Grade is truly a grand cru of Howell Mountain.
Winemaker | In March 2020, Matt joined Lawrence Wine Estates as winemaker for Ink Grade. Matt's winemaking experience includes positions at Araujo Estate Wines and Domaine Dujac.
Our land is a legacy, one that we’re committed to preserving through classically structured single-vineyard wines—at once fresh, robust, and refined.
Rugged terrain. Lush foliage. Abundant wildlife. This is no ordinary vineyard. This is the Ink Grade. Once owned by Napa Valley legend Theron Ink, our estate on Howell Mountain spans hundreds of wild acres—planted so as to nurture rather than disrupt the ecosystem that has thrived here for centuries.