The Pavilion offers two fine wine experiences with an ethos of intentionality, contemporary design, and state-of-the art technology.

The Estate Collection presents our newly released vintages in an elegant and refined setting. Savor our wines of precision and nuance from the rugged slopes of Howell Mountain in one of our four taste-tailored atmospheres. Limited to parties of up to six guests.


SENSES by INK GRADE – 90 mins

SENSES by Ink Grade is an immersive sensory experience that fuses fine wine, nature, and state-of-the art technology to unveil the new collection of single vineyard wines from one of Napa’s most prestigious AVAs, Howell Mountain. Inspired by the world’s most regarded artistic exhibitions, SENSES by Ink Grade arises in the traditional world of fine wine with an avant-garde and luxury hospitality offering. Limited to parties of up to eight guests. *For individuals sensitive to motion, the video technology used in the SENSES immersive experience may increase the possibility of motion sickness.